Weird Products And Services You Can Buy On Taoboa

There is no doubt that Taoboa is one of the best online shopping sites in the world. The good side with it is that you can find almost anything. Of major importance are some weird products and services that you can find on the site. If you are wondering which are some of these weird products and services, here they are:

QQ instant messenger

QQ is the biggest instant messaging service in China. The service has a special offer for iOS users where it generates a special message that says “sent from QQ from iPhone”. This happens every time you send a message to someone.

iOS devices are symbols of personal wealth and when someone sees that you are sending a message from an iPhone or iPad, he/she has deep respect for you.

To buy the service you only need to contact a vendor selling the service. The vendor will collect your QQ account and password and log into your account and create messages for you. When the vendor sends messages to your friends, your friends will see that you are using an iPhone.

The good side with this service is that it’s cheap. This is because you only need to pay a monthly fee of only 5 kuai.

International trade leftovers

Since China is the world’s factory, many brands contact Chinese manufacturers to produce their goods. When the brands put in an order, they usually allocate more raw materials than needed.

This is to cater for any errors. If the extra materials are not used in producing the goods ordered, they are used to produce goods that end up in Taobao.

Although, these items tend to have minor flaws, they are of high quality and they come cheap. Some of the international leftovers that you can find at low prices are computers, phones, and plastic products.

International purchase agents

Some gadgets, toys, books and movies face harsh import laws thus tend to be expensive to buy in China and as a result many people prefer buying them from international sellers.

The problem is that many Chinese don’t have credit cards, and this is where the international purchase agents come in. Here the buyers send the money to the agents and they buy the products on behalf of the buyers for a small commission.

These are some of the weird products and services that you can buy on Taobao. To avoid being ripped off, always buy from a reputable seller.

How to Use Mini Case Studies to Market Products and Services

You do a terrific job of driving prospects to your website, but your inbox is frustratingly empty and your phone is quiet. Something is wrong, but you’re not sure what it is. In order to figure out the problem, you read through your website and nod: Yup, there’s the list of our products and services. Our site loads quickly and is easy to read. Our contact information is correct, and our links are in working order. As far as you can tell, your copy isn’t the problem. But wait; look again. Does your website speak to your prospects? Do you show that you understand their problem and have already helped many others who were once in their position? If not, consider adding mini case studies to your pages.

What is a mini case study?

A mini case study is first and foremost a story. Since business is ultimately about human relationships, to be successful you must connect with your prospect. Use the mini case study to SHOW prospects how you’ve helped others in similar situations. Use the mini case study to introduce a person with a challenge and show how you or your company efficiently and effectively helped that person solve that challenge.

What is the format of a mini case study?

A mini case study is short, usually less than 300 words, and follows a simple format: Introduction, Process, Solution, Call-to-action.

Introduction – one paragraph

The introduction describes the situation and sets up problem.

Process – two to four paragraphs

The process shows how you or your company approached the problem and breaks down the steps so the prospect can visualize how you could help them, too. If you have a quote or testimonial, include it in the process section.

Solution – one paragraph

Show how your solution helped the customer or client solve his problem or reach his goal.

Call-to-action – one paragraph

End the mini case study with specific information on the best way to contact you.

That’s it – the mini case study is short, simple, and effective.

Here is an example of one of our mini case studies that is still driving conversions for a commercial real estate client:

Tenant Representation Services: Strategic Planning & Transaction Management Process Keeps Maine’s Largest Law Firm in Portland.

It had been over 30 years since Maine’s largest law firm, Pierce Atwood, contemplated a move, but their lease was coming up for renewal, and they wanted to look at their options. The firm turned to NAI The Dunham Group to help identify and evaluate their options and ultimately to procure a new location for their 80,000 SF downtown Portland office.

“This project required vision on everyone’s part. The Dunham Group brokers were flexible and pragmatic, and we appreciated how hard they worked to make the deal come together.”– Dennis Keeler, Pierce Atwood

Since Pierce Atwood had already determined their square footage requirements, the NAI Dunham team’s first step was to survey the market to determine all existing and potential options. They created a broad list of properties and obtained in-depth information on each site.

With this information, NAI The Dunham Group created a grid and helped the client determine the most efficient geographic location based on client, employee and partner requirements. NAI The Dunham Group then worked with the developers to create financial and conceptual building proposals for the most promising candidates.

The next step was to create a detailed Request for Proposal, which NAI The Dunham Group sent to the top pick property owners and developers. Once the proposals were in, the NAI Dunham team conducted an in-depth financial comparison of each site and helped the client determine the best option.

In the end, the client chose the Cumberland Self Storage Building on Merrill’s Wharf, which was completely redeveloped for the firm, a result that is a win-win situation for both Pierce Atwood and the City of Portland.

If you are within two years of your current lease expiration date, call NAI The Dunham Group to review your situation and learn how they can add value to your leasing process. There is no cost to you, as the landlord provides compensation if NAI The Dunham Group successfully completes your lease transaction.

If you’d like to read more of the Dunham Group’s mini case studies, please visit

Products and Services

One of the ideas that have been advanced repeatedly during the recent economic crisis, recession, and prolonged stagnated recovery is the notion of “stimulus” as a way to revive the economy. This strategy is based on Keynesian economic theory, and is predicated on the notion that when an economy drops into recession, the fundamental problem is a shortage of people consuming. The solution offered by Keynesian economist is intervention by government entities through monetary expansion, and spending to fill the perceived gap in spending. The fundamental underpinning of Keynesian theory is the notion that consumption creates production.

An alternative view to the Keynesian theory is the one advanced by Jean-Babtiste Say, contributing to the larger Classical economic theory. A principal idea advanced by Say was known as Say’s Law or the idea that “Products are purchased with Products.” This theory underscores the fact that wealth is defined by what is produced, and shuffling products from one person to another in an accelerated manner does not increase the total amount of wealth. According to Say’s law, a general economic recession is not the result of insufficient consumption, but incorrect production… namely that production has been over-pursued in some areas (such as home building) and under-pursued in others.

Furthermore, attempting to “solve” problems by printing more money does absolutely nothing to increase or change the total amount of production or the total amount of wealth. When more money chases the same amount of products and services, the result is high prices or inflation. Recent increases in food and energy costs, in the wake of massive monetary expansion by the US Federal Reserve have caused many to re-visit Classical and Austrian economic theory.

The importance of Say’s law is frequently difficult for people to directly see, since most employees don’t work for products… they work for money. Thus, people equate the money that they earn with wealth. However, it is nothing of the sort… money is simply paper. Wealth is what you can buy with the money. Since most people work in the preparation, sale, or delivery of some product or service, it is ultimately true that the products and services we buy are purchased with the products and services we create. Money is simply the medium through which this transaction takes place.

Another important aspect of Say’s law is the notion that products and services are not homogeneous. What this means is that producing more of something people aren’t willing to pay for is not the path to wealth. This situation is actually the cause of market sector crashes when excess production cannot be sold profitably. Furthermore, if government bailouts are created to “save” the companies that gambled incorrectly, it results in a perpetuation of low-value production that impedes economic growth.

In a dynamic, market economy, downturns in a sector such as home building will result in price declines that eventually attract investment capital without the necessity of government incentives. The people who built speculative houses in the expectation of big profits would go bankrupt. The assets of those companies would be sold off at a discount. The companies that acted prudently would be able to purchase those assets very inexpensively and launch new growth initiatives. The problem confronted with bailouts is that they reward irresponsible behavior while punishing those who are responsible by denying them investment opportunities that would emerge if prices adjusted to their true value.

This is where the fundamental flaw of Keynesian theory comes to bear. In the view of Keynesians, supply and demand are aggregated. This view combines the production, consumption, and unemployment from healthy sectors with unhealthy ones. Whenever a large correction occurs, this leads to the conclusion that the whole economy is unhealthy. However, that is not necessarily true… even in the worst of recessions, there are frequently sectors of the economy that are perfectly healthy. Attempting to address a so-called aggregate problem with aggregate solutions results in subsidies for foolish investments and penalties for responsible investors.

Furthermore, stimulus programs are necessarily administered by government agencies and financial institutions that extract a significant amount of overhead from the total amount that is spent. This is where the problem of intermediaries emerges. In a market system, intermediaries only exist in situations where they add value to the system… otherwise the buyers and sellers would ‘cut out the middleman’ to get greater volumes and lower prices. However, in the world of legislative fiat, middlemen stand between the money and the products, taking a percentage of the transaction and doing absolutely nothing to enhance or optimize the quantity or quality of total output.

This ultimately devolves into what many have called “Crony Capitalism” where large corporations dominate the marketplace, not because of any particular skill in creating or selling products and services, but because their connections to lawmakers allow for advantages that other firms do not enjoy. The financial institutions and automotive companies that avoided bankruptcy and maintained all of their leadership / business practices serve as primary examples of this principle. If AIG had been allowed to go bankrupt, its assets would have been sold off at a discount and a new competitor would have emerged to fill the vacancy created by AIG’s departure. This company would have every incentive to hire the AIG employees who were responsible, and would have no incentive to hire the people who cause the company to collapse.

In the end, products and services are truly paid for with other products and services. Attempting to circumvent this simple economic reality has resulted in tremendous mis-allocations of capital, and enriched politically connected organizations, while preventing real economic growth from emerging. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to stop this trend as individuals. However, we do have the ability to adjust our own decisions so that the impact of these trends on our lives is minimized.

The most important thing that any person can do is to work and live in the “real” economy that produces real products and services for real people that they purchase by producing real products and services for other real people. The runway for extracting resources through smoke-and-mirrors financial manipulation is drawing short. The time is quickly approaching when governments can no longer afford to rely on smoke-and-mirrors to disguise fiscal problems and unfunded promises that cannot be kept. When this reality finally emerges, it be very painful for many people who have become dependent on the fictional reality. Make sure that your well being is built on a solid foundation.